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D.Witherell Legal Nurse Consultants LLC

We help attorneys win cases

Frequently asked questions:

What's the difference between a CLNC®

consultant and a nurse paralegal?

  • A CLNC® consultant focuses on nursing and medical issues. A nurse paralegal concentrates on the legal issues of a case, which prohibits an in-depth analysis of the medical issues.

What can you do for me?

  • Med. mal., we can screen cases for merit. If the case has merit, we will identify the negligent defendants and the significant deviations from the standard of care.
  • Personal injury, we can review and assess all relevant medical records prior to the incident for any evidence of preexisting conditions that will impact causation issues in the case.
  • We can provide a written report and/or chronological time-line that is consistent with the complexity and value of the case.
  • We will recommend alternative styles that will best represent the facts of the case and give you a clear picture of the significant events. Styles: brief,moderate,comprehensive,charts,time-lines, visual aides.
  • After depositions are taken and the transcripts are available, we can compare and contrast them in a table format, so that you can quickly recognize differences in opinions, related facts, or interpretations of the facts or events. Extremely helpful for trial preparation.

We use only MD's?

  • Do the MD's assist you with analyzing the nursing issues in a case?
  • A CLNC® will be more cost-effective. We can provide an initial screening to help you determine whether the case has merit before you retain an expensive MD.
  • Although, using both MD and CLNC® consultant gives our attorney-client the best result, saving everyone involved time and money.

I have been doing this myself for years, why do I need your services?

  • Time is money. Let us free up your time in research and reviewing medical records, so that you can focus more on the legal aspects of your current cases. Which also leaves you more time to accept additional cases.

What about Cost?

  • Our Fee's are usually based on an hourly rate.
  • A retainer will be required before a case is reviewed. See our risk-free guarantee.
  • My company is willing to work within your budget.
  • It is our practice to keep you informed and up to date at regular intervals.
  • Compared to MD consultants, the price of our services is far less costly.

Why do I need a CLNC® rather than a regular nurse?

  • A CLNC® is specially trained to assist attorneys in reviewing,developing and writing up cases from start through litigation.
  • A nurse is an expert on the inner workings of a hospital, Joint Commission Accreditation, staffing, delegation, managed care, and policies and procedures. A CLNC® knows how to apply this knowledge to benefit her attorney-client.
  • A CLNC® is a nurse very familiar with reading and interpreting medical records from all ancillary departments on a daily basis.
  • A CLNC® can quickly organize and identify missing records,as well as, pick up on entries that may have been tampered.
  • And, proficient in regulatory requirements and joint commission compliance standards applicable to healthcare facilities.

Why should I hire you to research the medical literature? We can do MEDLINE searches here in the office.

  • Research takes time. Let us do the medical research and save your staff time to do legal research.
  • MEDLINE will not lead you to health care standards, authoritative texts,visual aides etc..
  • We can help you tap into authoritative sources cost-effectively.
  • We can access information that your paralegal won't know exists,such as, AMA's directory of practice,parameters and guidelines.
  • We have knowledge and access to a wide variety of resources that you may not be aware.
  • Nurses are licensed and certified to weed out irrelevant information , applying only information of relevance to the case at hand.

I don't need a nurse consulting expert? I need a testifying expert?

  • A consulting nurse can save you time and money by screening the case for merit and then locate the appropriate testifying experts for your case.
  • A nurse consultants work product is generally not discoverable. Therefore, we are able to formulate in-depth reports to help you understand the medical and nursing issues of the case.
  • We can interview clients for pertinent information and research the medical literature more cost-effectively than expensive MD experts.

Assistance is available for your

PRO BONO medical case.


      If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our work product, we will be happy to revise the work product to your specifications or return your money. At least 10 working days notification required.

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